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Tidningsartikeln om årskurs 2 maskot "Zlatan" som har varit på äventyr!

Tidningsartikeln om årskurs 2 maskot “Zlatan” som har varit på äventyr!

School run for charity!

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School run for charity – a day of exercise for everyone!

“Skoljoggen” (school run) is Sweden’s largest running event  for children and youths, and is  arranged every fall in schools all over Sweden. Every year more than a half of a million young people participate in “Skoljoggen” which has been arranged this year for the 34th time.  The main day most schools participate in the 14th of September. The main thing is that children and youths get out and exercise!

Studenst from the pre-school class all the way up to third year gymnasium students all participate on their own level. They can run, jog or just walk- they choose what suits them best! “Skoljoggen” is not a race or competition. It is a manifestation for sports and the joy of running. It is up to each school the create the event, but from “Skolidrottsförbundets” perspective we encourage every school focus on making it a fun and exciting day for the kids, so that they think of “skoljoggen” (school run) as a fun event.

In cooperation with “skoljoggen” we collect a voluntary amount of money given by each school, Springslant to benefit  SOS Barnbyar.

Read more about it here. (Swedish) Läs mer om Springslanten här.