About the school

Welcome to The English School in Upplands Väsby

The English School is a bilingual school situated in the heart of Smedby. The English school represents a beautiful spectrum of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The English School’s pupils experience a well-coordinated curriculum that reflects the commitment to helping english learners, encouraging bilingualism, multicultural understanding and the overall development of the intellect.

The students at the English School learn english right from the kindergarten class. No prior knowledge of english is required for the students. We are a state regulated school without fees. We follow the Swedish national curriculum.

We value our small school status because it gives us an opportunity to foster close bonds and lasting relationships with students and families.The English school’s teachers are highly qualified and exemplify the standards that we have for our educators and our students. We strive to make learning relevant, interesting and motivating.

The location of the English School is situated in an area close to nature and far away from disturbing traffic. It is easily accessible with good transportation links.

This new school started its first academic year in August 2010. In autumn 2018, we will welcome students from Kindergarten up to Grade 8. The English School will eventually continue up to Grade 9. Our goal is for children to become bilingual when they leave our school and with knowledge to prepare them for a globalized world in the future.

You are welcome to contact us over phone or visit our school to get more information.

Marie Källström