Next week Engelska Skola is beginning a new initiative to boost our health and movement called Morning Sports Club!
We want to reap the rewards of a good start to the school day with plenty of movement and joy in a safe environment, followed by a good breakfast.
This will begin as a project for students from Year 4 to Year 8 and we offer this opportunity under three days of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To take part, students themselves need to sign up in school on the Thursday of the week before. On the Friday they will get a response if they have got a place (as each session has a limit of 25 students).
We have planned some awesome activity based around different themes like agility and movement, dance, martial arts, teamwork, ball games etc. Each theme will take place for three weeks and students will get to choose the week before how many sessions they want to sign up for. Sign up takes place in school each Thursday in the long corridor – look out for the whiteboard with schedules, planning and information – and soon lots of wide-awake pictures!
Studies show that Swedish school children are those that are the least active in Scandinavia. As a general rule children are also less active than in previous generations. Research shows that an active start to the day, as well as a nutrious breakfast, helps to give better conditions to focus the whole school day – with longer concentration, endurance and a better mood.
The staff who will work with Morning Sports Club are Johanna Wiksten, Andreas Karlsson, Sebastian Yde and Robin Calais. The rules for those taking part in the morning activities are that:
– They respect the time and arrive on the days they have signed up for
– They bring to school the correct clothes and a towel
– They shower before breakfast
– They follow the rules and instructions each session.
Our focus is to create joy, to test new things and to gain more self-confidence in what students can achieve. We will create a challenging environment where all activities will have a variety of difficulty levels so that everybody can test themselves to the level they wish.
This project will start in week 46. Activities begin at 07:20 and finish at 08:00. We then shower from 08:00 to 08:15. From 08:15 to 08:40 we each breakfast and have a closing discussion in the school’s small lunchroom. Students will get a little token at the end of breakfast to show they have taken part in Morning Sports Club. This will then be given to the teacher who will already have information with which students are taking part in Morning Sports Club that week. Teachers will not mark these students late for school for those sessions and will be flexible in their planning on those days.
We are looking forward to lots of joy and movement in the near future!
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself if there are any questions.
Johanna Wiksten